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Soft Washing Render

Render cleaning can make a massive difference to your property. No matter how dirty your render or building has become we can make it look like new again. We can gently and successfully remove red, green and black algae staining from your rendered or cladded building.

Why do you soft wash?
We only soft wash render. Pressure washing render is not an effective method as this can destroy the render surface, joints and small cracks and can damage the rendered surface. The pressure washing process does not kill off the algae spores and they will simply continue to grow and show up again just a few months after the cleaning is finished.

Cleaning render the right way
Render cleaning with our soft washing techniques is low pressure chemical cleaning and this cleans the render and also kills off the algae and spores with no risk of damage giving a long last result and maintains a clean finish for years to come.

roof moss removal Westmeath

Moss removal

Roof moss removal is important to maintain the water tightness of your roof. With so many different types of tiles in our experience some types of roof tiles are lightly pressure washed. Moss and algae build up is a common problem on older properties. They where normally constructed using concrete tiles, they were course to touch and subsequently attracted moss and algae spores.

Cleaning the roof of moss
Having a build up of moss on your roof can damage or even crack the tiles. During the winter months moss will freeze and expand causing the tile to break, and during the rainy months of the year it holds water which can make tiles brittle and rotten. Cleaning the moss off your roof and using a biocide treatment can dramatically increase the life of your roof, saving you thousands in repair bills in the future.

With the application of biocide chemicals this will also prevent the moss from growing back for several years.

For the best roof moss removal Westmeath has to offer, look no further than Pride External Cleaning.

Driveway cleaning Offally, Westmeath, Meath, Longford

Driveway cleaning

Pride External Cleaning specialises in a driveway cleaning service, restoring and renovating block-paved, cement and tarmacadam driveways. Due to the Irish climate block paving cement and tarmacadam driveways can get covered with weeds, algae, lichen and moss when they are not maintained on a yearly bases.
Block paving driveways need maintaining because weeds and dirt start to grow in the gaps over time. Not only does the gap fill with weeds over time the top surface of the driveway also gets covered in moss, algae and lichens and it start to look dirty and dull.

Pressure washing driveways
We use a surface cleaner, which is a rotary washer head powered with our pressure washing unit, the surface cleaner will contain any over spray and directs the water flow more precisely to the surface that is being cleaned. We can also give you the option of using chemical to kill off any lichen, moss or grass seed that that is on the driveway, prevents the quick buildup and also giving the driveway a fresher cleaner look.

Re-sanding block driveways
After pressure washing block driveways, we re-sand with kiln-dried sand. If the driveway was not re-sanded you may risk the blocks moving around which can cause the driveway to get damaged and become uneven as vehicles drive on and off it. Therefore it is important that the driveway is re-sanded after the pressure washing has been done to avoid this happening. The re-sanding will be part of the price that we quote.

Patio, Decking Cleaning Westmeath, Meath, Longford

Patio, decking and fence cleaning

If you are thinking about renewing your patio, why not consider cleaning first to see what it actually looks like. Renewing may be completely unnecessary. Patio Cleaning is a cost effective way to bring your garden back to life and restore Pride in your expensive asset. Dirty pathways tend to ruin a lovely garden design. An assessment of the surface type will be carried out if necessary and advice giving. This ensures achievement of the desired results with no damage to the material.

Decking is always a great place in entertain guests and family, Unfortunately it get severely degraded when it is not maintained properly. Dirt and grime can make you decking look tired and dull. The winter months can be hard on your patio and decking these can become very slippery due to the build of the algae from the wet weather.

We can help we can strip your decking and patio back to its natural state and then we add fungicide treatments. Not only does this make it look fantastic, it also makes it non slip and safer for everyone to walk on. Cleaning the fence around the house can be a arduous task, we can clean up the fence with very little effort, have it ready for staining or painting in no time at all.

Patio, Cleaning Westmeath, Meath, Longford

Re-Sealing Available

We stock a high quality patio sealer for sealing precast concrete flagstones and patio slabs. Our high quality patio sealer will not only protect the surface, but will reduce regular maintenance and enhance the natural color within the patio slabs.

We also supply a sealer for all patios such as sandstone, limestone, granite, travertine or slate.

One of the major benefits of a patio sealer is that it greatly restricts the growth of green algae, lichen and blackspot. Once applied the sealer will also change the structure of the patio surface, making cleaning easier and protect against loss of colour from UV light.

We supply a tarmac restorer for driveways that is superior to a tarmac paint. Often referred to as a tarmac driveway paint, the tarmac restorer can rejuvenate the look of old tarmac surfaces.

Tarmac or bitmac will lose colour over time and eventually break up if not looked after. We can help prolong the lifespan of tarmac or bitmac driveways and other tarmac surfaces by applying a hard wearing acrylic coating to the surface. This ‘tarmac paint’  is hard wearing and will totally rejuvenate the colour and look of the original tarmac.

Gutter Cleaning

How many times have you passed a building or house and seen the tuft of grass growing in the gutter. The main reason for that is a build up of moss falling from the roof, twigs and leaves from nearby trees, and not doing a yearly clean up. This will result in the gutter over flowing and unsightly mess on the ground below. We can reach up to the average two stories in height, clean out all the gutters to make them flow normally and wash them for you too. We have the latest and best machines available for the job and can be usually done from the ground.

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